World’s fastest DIY electric car has enough batteries to power 750 homes

Mike Pethel world's fastest electric car_2

We’ve often said that electric cars need to be fast and need to have a decent operating range before we can ask consumers to ditch their conventionally-fueled rides for a green car. While automakers are still limited by the high cost of batteries that can produce enough oomph for a fast and long-lasting EV, Mike Pethel, a color technologist for the film and TV industry, has come up with something in his garage, which could well be the world’s fastest street-legal electric vehicle.

Mike Pethel world's fastest electric car_1

No, Mike didn’t make the car from scratch, but went on using the chassis and body of an early 1970’s BMW 3.0 CS and swapped its polluting gas-powered engine with two electric motors and lots of batteries, which pack enough energy to power 750 homes. The high performance electric car, has large lithium-ion phosphate batteries that generate a whopping 800 horsepower for the rider to enjoy.

The experimental vehicle, which by all means is still street-legal, can hit a speed of 60mph from standstill in just three seconds. Viewing the videos show that this might not be the quietest EV nor the quietest car on the block, but Mike does manage to drive it quietly on city streets to his workplace every day.

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