GE announces world’s most efficient wind turbine for low wind sites

GE 2.5-120 world's most efficient wind turbine

As we all know that the amount of energy generated by a wind turbine is directly proportional to the wind speed. The higher the wind speed the more energy is generated by the turbine. While wind energy is essential for a clean energy economy, the output of wind turbines installed at low-wind sites is debatable. As an answer to the present condition, General Electric has announced the development of 2.5-120 – the world’s most efficient high-output and first “brilliant” wind turbine.

Combining world-class efficiency and power output at low wind speed sites, the turbine offers a 25 percent increase in efficiency and 15 percent increase in power output compared with other models offered by the company. The turbine features the use of advanced controls that enable its 120-meter rotor to generate the maximum possible energy in low-wind areas.

GE 2.5-120 world's most efficient wind turbine_2

The turbine is designed to rest on a taller tower, which has a maximum hub height of 139 meters, making it ideal for heavily forested areas in places like Europe and Canada. To better its energy output, the turbine makes use of “industrial internet” to manage the intermittency of wind to provide a steady supply of electricity regardless of wind conditions at any given moment of time. The company has stated that the first prototype of the 2.5-120 will be installed in the Netherlands this month.

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