Chinese artist creates ‘Breathing Bike’ to counter Beijing’s pollution problem

Breathing Bike in Beijing_1

If you have been into news recently, you’ve probably being hearing and reading a lot about Beijing’s growing pollution problem, with has nearly made it impossible for the city residents to breathe while indoors, forget about those who pedal to work. This is the reason people in the city are seen wearing air filter masks. As an even better solution, also a risky and time-consuming one, Matt Hope, a Beijing-based artist, has put his DIY skills to the test by creating a “Breathing Bike” that lets him breathe clean air while he pedals around the city.

To turn a humble bike into an air-filtering machine, that now generates up to 5000V of electricity from pedaling motion that powers a wind generator and comes with a fighter pilot mask, the designer has installed an Ikea trashcan along with a metal trumpet onto the bike. As he pedals, electricity is generated and air is sucked into the chamber, where dust particles get positively charged and stick to the trumpet.

Cleaned air then gets propelled through a tube into the fighter pilot mask and is now fit for breathing. Hyperallergic notes that the artist was inspired by seeing riders around the city wearing masks, which is a must if you want to exercise in the place like Beijing. The bike, however, is no way near commercial production as you won’t want to ride in the rain on a bicycle that produces 5000V of electricity.

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