Stingray hanging tent by Tentsile suspends you above the forest floor

Tentsile Stingray tent_2

For those of you who simply love spending some peaceful time in the forests, without worrying much about predators and insects and also don’t want to spend hours building a treehouse, Tentsile has announced a new hanging tent dubbed the Stingray. As the name suggests, the tent is inspired by the shape of the Stingray and is designed to be assembled in just five minutes, after which you can strap it onto tree trunks.

The easy-to-setup tent is supported by the use of just two poles inserted into the polyester fly sheet and the entire structure is set up with the help of tree straps. The interior space is accessible with a floor hatch, a side door and a collapsible ladder. Weighing just 13lb, the tent provides accommodation to up to four occupants along with their gear.

For added support and comfort, the Stingray is fitted with a reinforced floor and three large hammock sleeping areas. Inhabitat notes that the tent offers the advantage of keeping the sleepers away from predators and insects, which are a common problem in such a setting. The Australian military has also shown interest in the tents and the makers are currently in talks with several manufacturers to produce the Stingray on a large scale.

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