Xkuty One all-electric scooter charges as fast as your smartphone

Xkuty One electric scooter

With modern technology transforming humble mobile phones into portable computers that we call smartphones, manufacturers of other products, mostly automobiles, have figured out ways to integrate the multifunctional smartphone with their clean rides of the future. Working on the same lines, XKuty, a Spanish company, has announced the development of Xkuty One – an all-electric lightweight scooter that can replace both your bicycle and your 50cc scooter.

Though, the creators love to call it a “bicycle with no pedals”, the design is as close to a light-engine scooter as it possibly could be. The Xkuty One features the use of a 48V 17Ah lithium battery pack that powers the rear-hub integrated 1.5kW electric motor, while keeping the mass centralized and the scooter easy to ride.

Xkuty One electric scooter2

The Xkuty comes with a smartphone dock, which can work with both iPhone and other Android smartphones, and offers you up to 50km of all-electric range and a top speed of 45kph. The onboard batteries can be recharged in just two hours, which is about the same time as it normally requires charging the battery of your smartphone. The Xkuty One will be available in a range of distinct colors for prices around $3690.

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