Wind-powered car drives across Australia using just $15 worth of electricity

Evonik Wind Explorer wind powered car_2 (1)

While recharging a normal electric car takes lots of electricity, which doesn’t often come from green energy power plants, driving an electric car isn’t always a green thing. However, companies like New Jersey-based Evonik, show the way electric cars can go truly green while using wind energy. The company’s latest prototype car dubbed the Wind Explorer proved the efficiency of renewable energy by driving across Australia, a distance of over 3000 miles, using self-contained wind power alone.

Evonik Wind Explorer wind powered car_2 (2)

The car’s power comes from a lithium-ion battery with bespoke electrodes and ceramic separators. The battery stores energy harvested by the car’s onboard portable wind turbine. If the portable wind turbine cannot produce much energy to propel the car forward, the vehicle also comes with a giant kite that generates all the energy it needs even on a light breeze.

The lightweight vehicle features a body made using sandwich carbon fiber and includes special silica-silane rubber wheels to reduce resistance. According to the developer, the car produces enough power to travel 225 miles each day and during the entire commute the vehicle consumed about $15 worth of electricity.

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