Concept Clarity Bike comes with a transparent frame

Clarity Bicycle with a transparent frame

While we usually see bicycles come out with steel frames painted in different colors, we also see some designers innovating with bicycles and trying to make them from alternative materials such as bamboo and even cardboard. Trying to even better the aesthetics of the humble bicycle, designers at German design studio Design Affairs, have unveiled a concept bicycle that comes with a fully transparent frame.

The design, dubbed the Clarity Bike, envisions the future of bicycle frames and production, by using “trivex” – an alternative polymer to polycarbonate that combines high impact resistance while remaining flexible to some degree and very light in weight. The designers state that since the polymer can be injection molded, frames can be made at an affordable price and mass produced while also expanding the possibilities of manufacturing it in different shapes and color combinations.

The polymer, which was initially used in military applications, has exceptional thermal and chemical resistance properties and can withstand extreme temperatures. Some readers at Designboom believed that including LEDs into the frame might make it one of the safest bicycles to ride after dark, we do think that such a process could ruin the bicycle’s simplicity as no one would like to see wiring inside the transparent tube leading to the LED bulbs. Moreover, for this the designer might have to figure out a way to integrate a battery in the bicycle, space for which is limited.

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