Toyota recycles old hybrid batteries for energy-storage systems

toyota hybrid cars

In an effort to make its dealerships in Japan a lot more environmentally friendly, while also ensuring that old batteries from hybrid cars don’t end up in the landfill, Toyota has developed innovative energy management systems that will make use of old hybrid batteries. The system, which has been developed for Toyota dealerships in Japan, will be sold by the company’s Toyota Turbine and Systems Inc. division.

The system will help dealers reduce energy consumption and also allow them to move to solar power and LED lighting to curb energy use. The fixed electricity storage system will be sold in combination with Building Energy Management Systems, solar carports, solar power generators, LED lighting, energy saving air conditioners and other such items.

AutoBlog notes that the system will better usage efficiency of electricity by cutting the amount of electricity used during peak usage times and can be used as a backup power system that stores renewable energy from a solar energy generating array. The energy storage system will have an electricity storage capacity of 10kWh and will weigh about 980kgs.

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