Downdraft Tower uses solar energy to produce wind for low cost wind power

Clean Energy Wind Tower's Solar Wind Downdraft Tower

Wind turbines are definitely one of the most used systems to produce renewable energy all across the globe. Though wind turbines can theoretically produce wind energy throughout the day, unlike solar energy generating systems, wind turbines aren’t that great in producing renewable energy when it’s too windy or too calm. As a solution to this problem Clean Wind Energy Tower Inc. has come up with a revolutionary design that helps it creates its own wind by using solar energy.

The design, dubbed the Solar Wind Downdraft Tower, is a hybrid system in the form of a hollow tower, which uses solar energy to create wind. The idea isn’t that complex to understand as well. It basically consists of a large cylindrical tower with a water spraying system on top. Water is pumped to the top of the tower, where a system creates a fine mist spray of water. This water evaporates using ambient solar heat and cools the hot dry air at the top.

This cooled air is denser and heavier than the ambient air and hence it rushes down the cylinder at a speed in excess of 50mph, driving the wind turbines located at the base of the tower to produce renewable energy. The company believes that ideally the Downdraft Tower will be generating about 2500MWh of electricity on hourly basis, out of which a third will be used to power its own operations and the remaining 1500MWh could be sold to the grid as cheap renewable power.

CleanTechnica notes that since the technology isn’t that difficult to understand, it could be used by medium-sized farmers to generate low cost wind energy by converting their silos to create a steady, compressed flow of air, which is strong enough to run a small wind turbine.

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