Wysips to showcase solar powered smartphone at Mobile World Congress

Solar powered smartphone at MWC

Wysips (What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface), the French company which has developed a unique invisible photovoltaic surface that can transform any surface into an energy generating one, has announced that the company will launch an environmentally friendly smartphone at this year’s Mobile World Congress that always remains charged.

The fully functional smartphone will be equipped with a photovoltaic component, placed under the screen, which supplies enough energy to keep the smartphone permanently charged. The company states that since mobile equipment is consuming more and more energy due to the increasing amount of integrated applications, their battery life plays an important role in their sales. The company has developed an innovative and invisible photovoltaic component that can be simply inserted in any type of screen during manufacturing. The component can either be placed beneath or on top of the tactile screen.

Being up to 90 percent transparent, the component doesn’t disturb the function of the tactile layer and doesn’t reduce the luminosity. By integrating the energy generating component in the display, the use of e-payment and emergency calls is preserved, thanks to a permanent battery reserve. If the battery does run out, all the user has to do is to expose the screen to natural or artificial light to top up the battery without connecting a wall charger.

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