Kanga Room Systems lets you add more space to your home in an eco friendly way

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No matter how big your home is, you often find that it lacks a small office space or is need for an extra guest bedroom. Texas-based firm Kanga Room Systems knows it pretty well that adding a new room isn’t always an easy task for most homeowners and to solve the issue they have come up with eco-friendly buildings that can easily be set up in empty space on your garden.

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Designed with portability in mind, the developers let you customize the space to fit your existing home with a bathroom, kitchen, or other multiple rooms which your home might be in need of. The dwellings are offered in different sizes ranging from 8’X10’ to 14’X24’. Each building comes with treated skin foundation, EPDM roof membranes, metal doors, cedar accent siding among other quality materials.

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Once ordered, the firm ships the system right to your home as a kit, after which you can easily assemble it. However, if you don’t think you have good DIY skills, you can hire a contractor to do the same for you. Jetson Green states that the developers are making use of eco-conscious, sustainable and energy efficient materials to reduce the building’s environmental impact.

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