Researchers develop software to reduce industrial energy consumption by up to 30 percent

Industrial energy optimization software

When buying home appliances we often check the amount of power they consume so that we can get a brief idea about how much energy we will be saving by replacing old appliances with energy saving ones. Energy saving appliances can not only reduce our monthly energy bills but they are also better for the environment. In a world where energy conservation is gaining importance, industries too have to figure out ways to reduce their consumption with machines that do the same job with lesser energy consumption.

Though most industries aren’t really bothered about the environmental cost of reckless energy consumption, they will definitely want systems that can help save energy to reduce their production costs. For such industries researchers at Belgium’s Flanders’ Mechatronics Technology Center (FMTC) have created an innovative software that would optimize energy being consumed by an industrial machine and save up to 30 percent energy over the life of the machine. Dubbed the Energy Software Tools for Sustainable Machine Design (ESTOMAD), the software program allows industries to model, simulate and analyze energy flows and losses throughout the machine. With all this data readily available, engineers can optimize machines for better energy consumption.

Moreover, the software can also be used in machine design, because it can simulate the working of a machine on the energy scale even before the machine has been built. Gizmag reports that during trails, the use of the software allowed a company that produces industrial weaving machines to reduce energy consumption by up to 15 percent, a handsome reduction that will benefit the company’s bottom line.

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