Pop-Up Office: Office space made using recycled shipping pallets is for dynamic workplaces

Pop up office space made using recycled shipping pallets_1

Workplaces have evolved over the past few years, gone are the days when workplaces were just comprised of static surfaces to work on and a place where you can plug-in your computer. Along with computers, that are now mobile, modern workplaces now require something more dynamic and flexible. Catering to these needs Dubbeldam Architecture + Design unveiled the Pop-Up Office at How do you Work exhibit at Toronto’s Interior Design Show.

Catering to the green needs of modern offices, the eco friendly office space has been built using recycled shipping pallets. The modular office design, which the creators’ state can be custom built according to requirements, explores the evolving way in which we work. The office space makes use of modular units that can be combined in a variety of ways to create any kind of a working environment. Moreover, the open space addresses the need of collaboration and individual work too.

Easily transportable, the sustainable installation can be rapidly deployed and its use doesn’t just stop in the form of a pop-up office space. Treehugger notes that the system can be tailored for use in outdoor festivals or disaster relief situations as well.

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