Australia’s ‘Most Cheated On’ electricity user to marry a solar panel on Valentine’s Day

solar marriage valentine's day Greg Evans

We all know that solar energy will definitely play a bigger role in the future to provide energy security without harmful emissions. However, Australian television presenter, Greg Evans, is trying to encourage masses to adopt solar panels, by a bizarre Valentine’s Day promotion for solar energy that will see somebody marry a 2kW solar power system developed by Energy Matters. The wedding ceremony will be performed by Evans at Melbourne’s Federation Square on February 14.

Evans states that there is no dearth of individuals who complain about energy prices, but there are not many who really believe that a simple move to solar energy is all that they require. Evans who has been working with Energy Matters, has conducted a competition to find the country’s most cheated on electricity user and the winner will get to marry a solar panel.

The bizarre stunt, which is all about convincing people to switch to solar power, will see the competition winner being flown to Melbourne for the “marriage”. Once the vows are exchanged, which it itself should be a humor-filled affair, Evans expects the marriage to last at least 25 years, which is the average service time of a solar panel.

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