Solar powered water purifier to ensure clean water supply during calamities

solar-powered mobile water purifier for disaster relief

Natural disasters bring life to a standstill, for calamities not only hamper the electricity but also clean drinking water supply, affecting the masses with numerous waterborne diseases. In an attempt to provide clean drinking water during natural calamities, researchers at Thailand’s National Nanotechnology Center have come up with a solar powered water purification unit, called “SOS water,” to provide clean drinking water to the people during flooding.

Featuring an antimicrobial nanocoated filtration system that removes all harmful bacteria from the water and checks the growth of mold and algae inside the filter, the mobile SOS water purification unit runs on solar energy to move raw water through six filtration steps to allow safe drinking water to users. Designed to fit into the back of a pick-up truck, trailer, or even a flat hull boat, the mobile water cleaning system can purify 200 liters of water each hour to ensure clean water supply for communities affected by natural disasters.

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