Researchers develop A2PSM, a ‘sound’ way to boost battery life of your smartphone

Nokia N900 Wi Fi

While the best at present that you do to conserve battery life of your smartphone is to turn down the brightness and network connectivity when you’re not using it, researchers at the Old Dominion University in Virginia believe that they have a “sound” solution to the problem. The team states that a major chunk of the electrons in smartphone batteries are consumed by the Wi-Fi components. Moreover, even the power-saving mechanisms that wake the Wi-Fi periodically to check whether or not it can communicate with an access point and whether anything needs to the downloaded or uploaded, consume a lot of energy.

The team is now proposing an innovative solution to this problem that comes as a system they call the A2PSM. The A2PSM signal relies on audio frequencies instead of Wi-Fi to check network status. The A2PSM signal is transmitted at 18KHz, which can easily be picked up by a smartphone’s microphone, but can’t be heard by the phone’s user. To demonstrate their findings, the team used a pair of Nokia N900 handsets that was capable of transmitting and receiving the signal at a distance of three meters. Theoretically, the team says that the system will be able to support up to 30 meters of distance if the acoustic signal had enough power. V3 notes that the A2PSM scheme helps save 25 percent more power than a conventional Wi-Fi wake-up mechanism that is commonly used in smartphones and tablets.

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