LAGOON solar powered housing module expands to offer comfort and privacy

LAGOON solar powered housing module_1

With urban centers rapidly transforming into metropolitan cities, architects and designers are working hard to develop affordable, and above all environmentally friendly, solutions to house the ever increasing number of dwellers. We’ve seen designers come up with portable homes as an answer to the crisis and today we have LAGOON, which too is perfect as a temporary housing solution. Designed by Apiqa Design as an alternative to tents, the housing module provides much greater level of comfort and privacy to the occupants.

The self-sufficient module can easily accommodate up to eight people and provides the occupants with renewable solar energy for lighting and other purposes and also includes a bathroom and a kitchen. The LAGOON module can be folded into a box and can be opened according to the need.

The entire structure of the module is divided into four identical sections, each of which can accommodate two people. Moreover, each of the modules has a folding wall, which due to the structure’s expansion increases the housing area. Each section features two main areas – fixed and folding area. The fixed areas of all four modules rely on the central energy system, which produces solar energy using solar cells placed on the roof of the structure, and the sanitation module that includes bathroom, kitchen and toilet. The folding area, which expands according to the need, serves as living room, dining room or a bedroom.

By default, the expandable modules will be designed as a living room, but can soon transform into a bedroom by expanding the sofa. Users can play around with the interior space and use for anything from a living room to a conference room if need be. While the structure has been designed for large-scale events held outdoors, the structure is versatile enough to be used as a temporary housing solution for disaster relief purposes or the homeless.

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