Baglioni Hotel offers sustainable retreat without compromising opulence


Luxury hotels are often ascribed with high carbon emission, but the sustainable design of the “Baglioni Hotel,” to be constructed in Abu Dhabi, from Italian design studio GARGANO51 may well change your perception about luxury hotels. Divided in two parts, i.e. classic luxury rooms and apartments, both providing services available in a five star hotel, the new luxury hotel will also feature an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, spa, five restaurants and a congress hall to offer an opulent retreat to its guests.

Employing high technology glass, containing a water flux inside, over walls, roofs and windows, the sustainable architecture is designed to harness the natural light to the fullest during the day, while it will install energy efficient lamps and luminaries to illuminate it at night. Integrating energy performance chillers and air distribution systems to maintain the temperature, the Baglioni Hotel will also include solar powered water heating and pumping systems to reduce its carbon foot prints.



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