Designer integrates old handsets into vintage shoes to promote O2 Recycle campaign

Sean Miles Walkie Talkies

With an aim to encourage people to recycle their mobiles, designer Sean Miles has integrated old Nokia and LG mobile phones into vintage shoes. The ‘Walkie Talkies’ have been designed to promote O2 Recycle, the recycling initiative from the O2, one of the UK’s leading mobile providers. To create the quirky talkable art, Sean Miles builds retro Nokia and LG handsets sold by O2 Recycle customers into iconic footwear that includes a Christian Louboutin heel, a stylish men’s brogue, a Nike Air trainer and a Hunter Wellington Boot.

DailyMail cites that each Walkie Talkie is fully functional and works like a normal phone, with the keypad on the shoe sole. These fully functional phones are a taking work of art, which sends across a green message for recycling your old phones. Sean Miles wanted to give old phones, which many people will not love to be seen with, a fresh life and create something fun and functional that could encourage more people to recycle old gadgets.

After creating the artistic Walkie Talkies, Sean Miles has plans to integrate old phones into handbags and gloves. Bill Eyres, head of O2 Recycle, hopes that this project will push more people to recycle their old handset when they buy a new one.


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