Aesthetically-pleasing solar glass powers office building in Adelaide

solar glass in Adelaide

With a rise in the cost of conventional energy, along with the concerns about global warming and climate change, business and home owners are looking towards ways to reduce consumption of grid electricity. When generating renewable energy at home or office is the question, solar energy is definitely the most favored answer. However, with conventional solar panels, generating renewable energy might be an ugly affair.

Making solar energy, affordable, usable and above all aesthetically-pleasing, an Adelaide-based business has turned towards Solar Glass. Unlike crystalline solar panels which are mounted on the roof, the Solar Glass turns any façade into an energy generating one. The virtually unnoticeable solar panels in the façade generate renewable energy, which can be used to power the building.

The glass façade that covers the front of the Fullarton Rd building in Adelaide conceals more than 150 high performance solar panels inside it. The transparency of the façade depends on the amount of energy one wants to generate. The more energy is required, the darker the façade gets. Moreover, the company states that the façade is quite affordable too as it almost costs the same as putting double glazed windows.

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