Artist creates intricate sculptures using old typewriter parts

sculptures made using typewriter parts_1

There is no dearth of artists who use unique materials, most often waste of all kinds, to create intricate sculptures that impress one and all. However, working with a material like typewriter scraps is an altogether different task that not many can accomplish, at least not without soldering the pieces in place. What might be difficult for us is doable for California-based artist Jeremy Mayer. He takes stuff from old typewriters and then painstakingly transforms it into intricate sculptures using his own “cold assembly” process.

For those of you who are not well-versed with the cold assembly process, it actually means producing something without using welding, soldering or glue to join pieces together. Mayer’s complex sculptures too don’t use any of the above, but just typewriter parts to hold other typewriter parts in the sculpture. The process doesn’t only sound difficult, it actually is difficult too. Dvice reports that Mayer can make use of as many as 40 typewriters to produce parts for a single sculpture and each of the sculpture can take up to one year to produce.

Till date Mayer has produced over 120 sculptures and all, but one, have already been sold. He also allows his fans to contact him for any custom sculpture that one might like to showcase in his office or living room.

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