Apple pursues green iPhone with new solar panel patent

solar-powered iPhone

Eying the solar-powered iPhone or iPod, Apple has submitted a patent application for a double-duty touchscreen/solar panel for small screen devices to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. Combining social cells with a touch screen through electrodes that can be used both as a solar cell and a touch sensor, the sustainable technology is just ideal for handheld devices, such as portable media player or mobile phone.

The patent application also includes different sized images of iPod and an iPad sized screen, which gives an indication of solar powered iGadgets in the days to come. Sustainable Smartphone may sound good to the ear as well as environment, but we have seen the downfall of several solar tech companies in the past, which may deter Apple to try its hands in solar technology. Moreover, Apple has followed the solar technology in the past that just remained confined to papers.



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