MOVEO electric scooter folds and rolls like a suitcase

MOVEO Electric folding scooter_1

We’ve seen and reported about a lot of folding electric bikes that can be carried around by their owner on the subway or in the boot of their car. However, not often do we see an electric scooter that folds down in just a couple of minutes and can be rolled along just like a suitcase. A Hungarian non-profit organization, Antro Group, has unveiled just that. Dubbed the MOVEO, the folding electric scooter features a full traditional seat that’s integrated on the chassis and can give you an electric autonomy of 35km on a single charge.

Work on the scooter began way back in 2008 and the first version has just been unveiled. Though the scooter isn’t in production yet, it could be so as early as next year. Presently the MOVEO weighs just 25 kilograms, thanks to a carbon-composite body that splits in two. It can run at a top speed of 45kph and has a battery range of 35km, after which it takes just an hour to recharge to full from empty. The scooter is propelled by two in-wheel motors, one placed in each wheel.

Once folded, a process that takes just two minutes, the scooter reveals its hidden handle, with which the user can roll it along just like a suitcase. The initial production is dependent on how much funds the company can raise. If sufficient funds are raised, the company plans to mass produce 15,000 MOVEOs each year, with each costing about $3100. However, if there is a lack of funds, the company will still be producing 4000 scooters annually, while in this case each unit will cost $4600.

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