Terra all-natural stools are made using dirt and agricultural fibers

Terra stools made using mud and agricultural fibers_1

While the best furniture manufacturers are present do to term their products as “eco friendly” is making use of sustainably sourced wood or BPA-free plastic, an Israeli artist is playing with dirt to produce entirely eco friendly and all-natural stools dubbed Terra. Designed by Adital Ela, who seeks inspiration from single-use tea or coffee cups made using clay, which are commonly used in India, Terra stools are made using compressed earth and agricultural fibers.

Ela explains that just like the cups which get back to their original eco-friendly form after being thrown away, the stools too can be recycled unlimited number of times, and even if the user doesn’t plan on recycling the stools won’t pollute the environment. Co. Exist states that making use of compressed dirt and fiber and studying traditional Middle Eastern construction methods that rely on the same materials, Ela began experimenting with wasted dirt and fibers found at construction and agricultural sites.

After compressing the material and giving them the shape of a stool, the construction, which is time consuming, ends up in the Terra Stools, which are then finished with flax oil for added shine. The truly organic stools, according to Ela, are living artifacts that can bring a rare and unique sense and scent to every room where they are placed.

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