Studio KCA plans to build cloud-shaped pavilion using 53,780 plastic water bottles

Head in the clouds pavilion on Governor's Island made using recycled plastic bottles_1

We have always encouraged our readers to ditch bottled water in favor of filtered tap water that you can carry around in reusable water bottles. However, still nearly 48 million plastic bottles are throw away every day in the United States and about 53,780 water bottles are discarded every hour in New York City alone. To give an idea as to how much of waste residents of NYC produce in the form of plastic bottled water in just one hour, designers and architects at Studio KCA plan to build “Head in the Clouds” – a pavilion at the Governor’s Island.

The pavilion will be construed from 53,780 recycled plastic water bottles and one gallon jugs. It will house an area for seating and stage for several planned events on the island this summer. The pavilion will also serve as the gathering point for nearly 200,000 visitors who come to this year’s arts events on the Governor’s Island. The pavilion, which will take up the shape of a cloud, will make use of recycled 16oz, 24oz and 1 gallon water bottles, collected and donated by organizations all over the world.

Water bottles will be used to create everything from the blue interior space to the “pillowy” exterior. Apart from plastic waste, the pavilion will also make use of aluminum tubes fitted together with splines and clamps to hold the bottles. When complete, the Head in the Clouds Pavilion will be about 40 feet long, 18 feet wide and 15 feet high. Visitors here will be able to sit inside the cloud and contemplate shifting light as it filters through the water bottles. The team has already collected half of the bottles and jugs and is waiting for the other half to be donated or collected. They are currently on Kickstarter to raise enough funds for the construction process.

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