Chris Gilmour makes replicas of London, Paris and Berlin from cardboard

Cardboard mockup of London by Chris Gilmour

Transforming cardboard boxes into beautiful cityscapes, British artist Chris Gilmour has come up with a creative project named “You can build anything when you put your mind to it” wherein he created stunning mockups of London, Paris and Berlin that feature some famous landmarks to revive the landscapes of the capital cities.

Made using cardboard boxes and glue, the sustainable replica of London includes the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard, and eight-foot high Big Ben. It just took two days to craft the 40-foot cardboard replica of London city. While the other two mockups include the Bradenburg Gate and Effiel Tower that simply takes you to the capital cities. After viewing the cardboard mockups, one cannot resist appreciating the artistic brilliance of the British artist.

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