V-Tent energy generating canopy will protect and charge your electric vehicle

V-Tent solar powered canopy for electric cars_1

One of the major problems with electric cars is less operating range and the unavailability of public charging infrastructure. While engineers and research groups over the globe are working on developing batteries that can charge fast and hold more energy to give electric vehicles a decent operating range, industrial designers have been focusing on developing innovative, and above all, environmentally friendly electric vehicle charging solutions. Working on the same lines, designer Hakan Gursu has come up with the V-Tent – an innovative canopy for electric cars that harvests solar energy as well.

The concept, which aims to create a sustainable system for the urban world, creates a safe place to park electric cars and charges them too. Designed in the form of a canopy, that is deployed only when an electric car is parked underneath it, protects vehicles from weather damage too. While the product can be set up at your home, its public use will make electric vehicles a lot more lucrative for consumers.

In its public use form, the V-Tent is designed as space-saving parking space that can be hired for a fee. Users can select the amount of time they want to park their vehicle and pay the parking and the charging fee by card. The V-Tent features use of flexible solar cells that are attached on a laminated multi-layered textile with micro-ventilation tubes in place to prevent the canopy from getting too hot.

Inhabitat reports that the V-Tent also features a band light that indicates availability and charge percentage with color and length. While the concept is primarily aimed to be used as parking canopy and electric vehicle charger, it can also be used to produce energy for other applications such as powering a home or an outdoor office space.

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