NRG Energy unveils first solar-powered playground in New Orleans

NRG Energy solar powered playground

In an effort to provide sun-powered energy and education to enhance the experience for the students at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Charter School for Science and Technology in New Orleans, NRG Energy has unveiled the first solar powered playground. The installation, donated by NRG, will demonstrate how solar is a viable energy option for a new generation of accessible sustainable projects. In addition to reducing the energy costs of the school, the solar panels will also provide shade and shelter to students and teachers while on the school’s grounds.

The NRG solar installation at the school features the use of 397 solar panels, which will provide 112kW of renewable electric power – enough to handle one-third of the school’s peak electricity demand. The installation also features playground upgrades and educational components including fans, drinking fountains, an environmentally friendly garden irrigation system, prisms and inspirational sayings intended to improve the overall experience of students and teachers.

The school stated that more than just a source of energy, this environmentally friendly playground and the solar energy installation will serve as a source of inspiration and education for students.

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