‘Strawberry Tree Flow’ allows people to charge their gadgets with solar energy

Strawberry Tree Flow solar charger by Strawberry Energy_1

Strawberry Energy Company, in cooperation with the city of Belgrade and Mikser organization, has installed new Public solar charger Strawberry Tree with unusual design at Slavija square, Belgrade. This solar device was named Strawberry Tree Flow, since its form shows the flow of energy through tubes to the user. From now on, visitors at the park can easily recharge their phones and take a bit of sun here where a sundial used to adorn the park.

Within the contest “Innovative design for Strawberry Tree”, conducted in cooperation with Mikser organization, young industrial designers were participating in workshops and developing  new design of the future Strawberry Trees in Belgrade. The first one of these creative solutions is the design of Strawberry Tree Flow by authors Tamara Svonja and Vojin Stojadinovic. The elements such as tubes, benches and panels, make an unusual form that looks like it is a specific part of the park. With its form, this Strawberry Tree shows the flow of energy through tubes to the user.

“Elements are connected by the energy which is visually presented with the pipes holding all modular elements, and through which solar energy flows. The pipe which starts as a bracket for the solar panel goes down to the ground, raises up beyond walking trail and this way links solar energy, solar panel, chargers for mobile phones and the place for sitting. The pipes create the space which shows the process and flow of the energy, indicates visitors to explore, to track and find a place where solar energy comes to him/her or where it proceeds… ”, said Tamara Svonja and Vojin Stojadinović, authors of the new design.

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