Setra Evocean concept trimaran sailing yacht is powered by clean energy

Setra Evocean concept hybrid luxury yacht_1

The brainchild of industrial designer Daniel Ruppert, the Setra Evocean is a concept trimaran that aims to provide luxury tours without emitting a single ounce of harmful CO2 when on the waves. Designed for Setra Coaches, the Evocean is an emission free trimaran that makes use of wingsails, solar cells and an advanced hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system.

The 70m long yacht is designed to accommodate up to 30 guests and 20 crew persons, while sailing at a top speed of 30 knots. The interior area is based on the main hull on three floors. Over the deck line, in the middle there is a lounge area that separates the cabin space into two parts. Moreover, under the deck level, there is ample space for cargo storage and other propulsion machinery. On entering the yacht, guests are greeted into the lounge room which has two floors with a gallery inside.

Designed to provide the stability and reliability of multi-hull yachts, the Evocean concept showcases a rare blend of classic elegance and progressive technologies. The designer states that the design was inspired by the modern organic architecture and the wildlife of the seas and oceans.

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