Argallios interactive installation made from 2,100 recyclable plastic bottles

Argallios project_03

Installed on a diamond-shaped, cut-out pattern fence of a primary school in the city of Chania, on the Greek island of Crete, the Argallios project from Athenian architecture firm Kollektivemind is a public installation made using 2,100 plastic bottles. Inaugurated during the P_Public festival, the creative project not only recycles plastic bottles but also highlights Crete’s local traditional weaving patterns in an artistic manner.

Developed with the help of parents, teachers and students of the school, the interactive installation is based on concept of the colorful thread that people employs to decorate woven textiles. After cleaning and painting in six traditional basic colors, the plastic bottles were inserted into the diamond-shaped holes of the fence to give it an artistic look to attract passersby. The Argallios project not only recycles the plastic bottles into a work of art but also becomes an ecological and cultural landmark for neighborhood people.

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