With ten sets of pedals, the BikeBus is what bicycle lovers must ride

BikeBus pedal powered bus_1

While engineers and researchers are gearing up for a future where electric motors won’t just be limited to cars and bicycles, Curt Canvar, a Colorado resident, believes that buses too could be operated with human power of the passengers. To prove his point, Canvar has designed the Breckenridge BikeBus – a unique bicycle that can carry up to 16 people.

Though the bus isn’t being used for public transportation, it is rented out to visitors who can then pedal themselves up and down the Colorado’s resort town’s main drag. Out of the total 16 people that the bus can carry, ten have to pedal, one has to serve drinks and the other five can just enjoy the ride. The BikeBus staffer has controls for steering and braking, while it hits a top speed of 5-7mph, obviously depending on the energy levels of the pedaling passengers.

While the bus is driven on pedal power 99.9 percent of the time, it does come with a supplemental, solar-powered electric motor onboard, which we think is brought to use only if the number of passengers is less ten.

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