Prototype Wooden Bicycle looks more like a sculpture

Wooden Bicycle_1

Industrial and automotive designers are making use of every bit of their creative skills to come up with bicycles that look a lot different than other bicycles commercially available for purchase. This is the reason we see bicycles being designed with the use of highly unconventional materials like cardboard and transparent polymer frames.

Taking the choice of materials another step forward, Columbian designer Salome Velasquez Gomez with help from Andres Valencia has come up with the Wooden Bicycle. As the name suggests, the bicycle’s frame is crafted entirely out of wood. We say that the frame is crafted and not created, just because the overall look of this beauty makes us feel that it is more of a sculpture and less of a transportation vehicle that relies on pedal power.

Everything on the bicycle, excluding the handlebar, wheels and the pedal mechanism, has been crafted with wood, giving it an all-new exciting shape and a distinct look. With broader tires, we don’t think that this beauty would be easy to ride, but the shape and the pleasing look will definitely attract a lot of attention if you’re on the road on this.

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