SunTrunks: A trunk-load of solar power for emergency power needs

SunTrunks self contained solar power system_1

There is no denying that solar energy is probably the finest solution to bring back power to displaced people living in areas where a natural disaster strikes. This is the reason we see organizations like Greenpeace rolling out solar powered trucks to affected areas. Making solar energy a lot more portable and easy to use for masses during emergency situations, inventors at Sun Ready Power have unveiled SunTrunks – self-contained solar powered systems that can be used in remote areas and areas recovering after a natural disaster.

As the name suggests, the system includes all components of a ready-to-use solar energy source inside a rugged transportable case or trunk, which can be set up and used in as little as five minutes. The system includes USB and 12V DC power outlets for small loads and 120V AC outlets for larger loads. The trunk contains solar panels, lithium batteries and an inverter that converts solar power to usable AC power that can readily be used to power laptops, mobile phones, and even a small refrigerator.

The inventor initially created the SunTrunk in a wooden case that carried three solar panels that can be folded out to collect the energy of the sun and recharge the onboard lead-acid battery. Though the system worked as expected, it was too heavy to be carried to disaster zones. To better things a bit, the inventor replaced the wooden box with military transport cases of varying sizes and swapped the lead-acid battery with lighter, but more expensive, lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The SunTrunks portfolio now carries a variety of solar charging systems that can be used to power everything from reading lights to refrigerators and power tools. The prototype products have been created in different power outputs, ranging from 10W to 135W. The larger units come with wheels to allow easy transportation. After creating the prototype SunTrunks, the inventors are now on KickStarter to arrange funds for mass production of SunTrunks, which can reduce the overall production cost of the product.

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