The Nomad, solar and wind powered home to protect humanity from Zombies

The Nomad - Solar-Powered home

Visualizing a scenario wherein so-called cannibals or flesh eating “Zombies” will threaten the humanity, a team of MAKH Architects has come up with a design of a permanent habitat called “The Nomad”. It’s an imaginary abode which will be constructed by gathering the left behind resources around the world. Comprised of 24 districts, each featuring residential, commercial and resource generation zones, connected to each other to form a circular shape, the futuristic structure will have enough space to cultivate crops and fish farms.

Integrating solar panels at the exterior to generate solar energy, the spherical structure will also include wind turbines on the sides to harness wind power, and fulfill the energy requirements of the inhabitants. Designed to move around the world to escape the flesh eating Zombies and find a place suitable for existence, The Nomad can be unrolled into a flattened out structure within 15 minutes to gather resources from the ground and find out new locations.

Sitting on its own cubicle, each district uses the fish farms as buffer space to distance itself from the cubicle, while the water of the fish farm flows through a series of controlled openings to rotate or move the whole structure in a specific direction. The Nomads would be constructed in different parts of the world, each featuring its unique stamp to separate from the other, to provide a safe and sustainable refuge to the people worldwide.

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