German student creates device to harness energy from electromagnetic field

Electromagnetic Harvester_2

With a rise in the prices of conventional energy and the emissions associated with the same, researchers over the globe are trying to recycle energy to produce electricity that can quench our thirst of power. We see inventors come up with products that can harvest heat from water pipes or the pressure of water flowing through mains to produce electricity, but there aren’t many who see the possibility or recycling the ambient energy to produce some voltage. A German student, Dennis Siegel, believes he can harvest the ambient energy of electromagnetic waves to power an AA battery.

To prove his point, Dennis has come up with a handheld charger, dubbed Electromagnetic Harvester, which can pull some energy from electromagnetic waves around us to recharge a single AA battery. According to the creator, the harvester has to be placed near anything with an electromagnetic field, such as a cell phone, a coffee maker, a commuter train, or the main power supply. Once the device gets a steady EMF source, a red LED light turns on to tell you that the AA battery onboard is charging. The device also has a magnet attached to it so that you can leave it attached near an EMF source for a longer period of time.

Gizmag reports that the inventor has designed two different version of the prototype charger – one for frequencies below 100Hz found in electricity mains, and one for frequencies above 100Hz found in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and radio broadcasts. However, don’t just start throwing around your gadget chargers right now, as the harvester currently takes a full day to charge a single AA battery.

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