London to get world’s first ‘ultra-low emission zone’ to reduce air pollution

Ultra Low Emission Zone in London

In an effort to put a check on air pollution in London, the city’s mayor Boris Johnson has revealed a plan which will see the creation of the world’s first “ultra-low emission zone” by 2020. Once the zone is created, driving anything but low or zero emission vehicles will be banned from the city’s central zone during working hours.

Johnson further stated that the zone has the potential to be a game changing moment in the quality of life in the capital. The creation of the zone would deliver incredible benefits in air quality and stimulate the delivery and mass use of vehicles that don’t emit a large amount of toxic gases. Further, the city is also expected to see 1600 new hybrid buses by 2016, which should help reduce air pollution by the time the zone is created.

After 2020 all of the vehicles that pas through the central zone in London during working hours will either by electric or a low-emission one. Apart from helping reduce air pollution during peak hours, the move is also expected to motivate manufacturers to come up with new zero and low-emission vehicles. While it might sound good news for manufacturers, green advocates aren’t really happy with the time the mayor has outlined for it. Green advocates say that the conditions on London’s roads are pretty bad presently and waiting for 2020 will only worsen them.

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