Amber concept Bluetooth speaker harnesses solar power for sustainability

Amber solar powered eco friendly speakers_1

Though portable electronic devices like smartphones and Bluetooth speakers don’t consume much energy, the total number of these devices being used in a developed city, puts a burden on the grid. As an answer to this problem, industrial designers have often come up with gadgets that rely on renewable solar energy. Working on the same lines industrial designer Jeabyun Yeon has come up with Amber – a concept Bluetooth speaker system that makes use of Kyosemi Corporation’s innovative Sphelar solar technology.

Sphelar cells are solidified silicon drops that are highly transparent and can be embedded in a variety of materials to create nearly-transparent solar energy generating systems. In the Amber concept, the Sphelar cells are integrated within the body of the speaker systems, which allows it to harvest renewable energy from different angles of the sun. The energy produced by the cells helps recharge a built-in lithium battery that further powers the speaker system.

While existing solar-powered speakers contain flat panels that create very rugged and rough aesthetics, the Amber concept is much more aesthetically pleasing and generates a lot more energy than flat panel solar cells.

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