Air Quality Egg shows a high resolution image of the air you breathe

Air Quality Egg

Though we all believe that to breathe clean air all you need to do is to move away from the highway, the truth is that the air around our homes isn’t exactly fit to breathe, especially if you live in an urban city. To help you get information about the air quality, especially the amount of NO2 and CO in it, just outside of your home, developers and designers at Sense Makers have come up with the Air Quality Egg.

The product, which has successfully been funded though KickStarter, comes in the shape of an egg, which can be placed inside your home. From here, the egg communicates with a sensing system that is installed just outside of your home. The sensing system relays information about CO levels, NO2 levels, humidity and temperature, to the egg, which further uploads it to the internet.

Treehugger notes that users can register their eggs at the company website after which the data is automatically mapped, creating a real-time source for local, regional and even global air quality. The data here is sent to Pachube, an open data service, which stores and provides free access to the data.

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