Protohouse 2.0 to become the world’s first 3D printed plastic house

ProtoHouse 2.0

Nowadays, 3D printed products and designs are becoming popular among designers and architects all over the world, for they are not only easy to produce but also offer great precision and details. Employing the latest 3D technology, London-based architecture group Softkill Design is set to build the world’s first 3D printed house using plastic. Called the Protohouse 2.0, the new 3D printed dwelling can be manufactured in three weeks, away from site, and arranged in just one day.

Measuring eight meters in width and four meters in length, the Protohouse 2.0 will be printed in parts in a factory and then transported in trucks to the site or location, so they could be assembled with minimum fuss. On top, the plastic house doesn’t need any bolting, screwing or welding, as you can attach different pieces together, almost like LEGO bricks, within no time.

Featuring a fibrous nylon structure based on bone growth, the Protohouse 2.0 will employ less amount of material to construct the strongest architecture. Fabricating the components in laser-sintered bioplastic, the 3D printed house would be as good and solid as any other traditional house made using concrete. The first prototype of the Protohouse 2.0 is expected to be launched by this summer.

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