Hybrid Urban Bicycle adapts to different type of urban situations

HUB - Hybrid Urban Bicycle

Usually urban roads are not designed to boost the use of the bicycle as a mean of transport, but there is a class of designers who are working on sustainable means of transport that adapt according to the infrastructure to offer an alternative transport for city dwellers. The “Hybrid Urban Bicycle” (HUB) by Pedro Uthu is an identical means of commutation that acclimatize itself according to the environment.

Featuring a flexible design, the hybrid bicycle by Argentine designer reduces its size by folding itself and adapts to different urban spaces. Moving on big-size wheels, the bicycle concept optimizing the distance/pedaling relation is perfect for long-distance circuits. Though the HUB is essentially designed as an alternative transport for the City of Buenos Aires, but the hybrid bicycle is just ideal for any urban setting or city road around the world.

[Cheers Pedro]

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