Student-designed solar picnic table can charge 23 smartphones simultaneously

George Washington University solar powered picnic table

The rise in the demand for energy coupled with a lack in supply has made designers figure out ways to produce renewable energy using unconventional ways. In an effort to help homeowners generate a considerable amount of the energy they consume using renewable sources, we’ve seen designers come up with hot water electricity generators to energy generating furniture units. Working on the same lines, Ben Pryde, an economics and political science major at The George Washington University, has come up with a concept solar powered picnic table that would have a total of 23 power outlets.

The environmentally friendly table is basically a large solar panel placed on top of a table frame that also hides a battery to store the charge when the table isn’t being used to provide power. Pryde states that the table has been designed to operate all year-round and would be able to charge 23 smartphones or about five laptops simultaneously. Moreover, even without sunlight, the generator can operate on battery power and would still be able to recharge 23 smartphones for 31 days or 23 laptops for two days.

After finalizing the design and testing his idea with a small scale variant, Pryde is now looking for funds to begin constructing his eco friendly solar powered picnic table. Though authorities at the university say that the idea is a “well thought out design”, they still believe that the cost of constructing such a table, which is about $5000, is a little too much and the overall cost for charging a phone on the unit will be more expensive than plugging it into a wall socket.

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