Honda Type E concept is a compact car for the congested urban jungle

Honda Type E concept electric car_1

Congested highways, honking cars and high levels of pollution are the three common things you are expected to find in all urban centers of the world. While bicycling is by far the greenest and the easiest way to get rid of traffic jams, there are others who believe that cars of the future have to shrink in size and throw away their polluting engines, while welcoming efficient electric drives.

Auto designer Michael Brant thinks likewise and to prove his point, he has come up with Honda Type E, a compact concept car for the urban jungle that runs on electricity and hence doesn’t account for pollution on the highway. The compact car, which uses similar principles as a segway for maximum maneuverability, focuses on minimum space consumption and maximum driver visibility. The compact vehicle has been designed to run on electric motors and has the ability to turn 360 degrees on a dime. Yanko Design notes that to even better its energy-efficiency, the vehicle incorporates a regenerative braking mechanism that tops up the battery power by a few electrons whenever the driver brakes.

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