Grass Lamp concept brings greenery into your living room

Grass Lamp concept_4

Most of the people living in metropolitan cities of today live in small apartments and don’t usually have the kind of space at their disposal to quench their thirst for gardening. Industrial designer Marko Vuckovic wants everybody to have their share of greenery, without worrying much about the space available and to make that happen, he has come up with the Grass Lamp concept. As the name suggests, the Grass Lamp is a lamp for illumination that also facilitates hydroponic growth of plants.

The Grass Lamp, which has already won a few awards, uses no soil to allow terrestrial plant growth and instead makes them live in a mineral and nutrient rich water solution and a growing medium such as gravel, coconut husks or mineral wool.

The lamp, on the other hand, is constructed using PVC plastic and includes a hydroponic light that not only illuminates the interior space of your home, but also provide much needed light to the plant growth. Jetson Green reports that the designer has conceptualized the product in different shapes and sizes, including free-standing and hanging versions, which can be suspended from the ceiling of your living room or mounted on a wall.

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