Casple Podadera electric car folds to fit in compact parking areas

Casple Podadera folding electric city car

Nowadays, car parking areas are a major problem in cramped urban spaces, addressing the issue Spanish group Casple has come up with a compact electric car in collaboration with designer Francisco Podadera that apart from offering sustainable commutation also folds to fit in small parking slots with ease. Accommodating two passengers within, the folding electric car comes with a variable wheelbase to commute through trafficked city roads.

Featuring a robust tubular structure made from composite materials and honeycomb panels, the EV is designed for shock absorption, while meeting the safety criteria for side impacts. Measuring just 2.30 m (1.90 m when folded) in length, the electric city car takes up very little space for parking. Powered by an electric drive motor, the folding car comes with vertical hinge doors to allow easy entry/exit to the cockpit.

Offering a spacious interior to accommodate passengers conveniently, the Casple Podadera electric city car can reach the top speeds of up to 110 km/h (66 mph) with a range of about 130 kilometers (80 miles) on a single charge.

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