Hydrelio floating solar platform aims to convert water bodies into power plants

Hydrelio floating solar power systems

The move to clean energy is definitely dominated by the increasing use of solar and wind energy generators, both of which require a considerable amount of land. While wind turbines can be installed on offshore locations, similar provisions for solar energy are still in concept stage. A French company, Ciel et Terre, has now tried to solve the problem by coming up with Hydrelio – a floating solar platform that allows standard photovoltaic panels to be installed on large bodies of water.

The company envisions that the platform can be installed on drinking water reservoirs, irrigation canals, remediation and tailing ponds, among other bodies of water. The technology could help industries that rely on water and energy to offset their electricity costs without wasting precious land reserves for the installation of solar panel systems.

Apart from that, the Hydrelio platforms also help in generating more energy than conventional land-based power plants because of the cooling effect of water on the panels. Moreover, the platforms reduce water evaporation by as much as 33 percent and algae growth is also reduced since the sun’s rays hit the solar panels instead of the surface of water. The company states that the platforms have a 30-year lifetime and they are now developing a 12MW and a 4MW floating solar system that will power thousands of households in south of France without consuming any land space.

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