Non program pavilion illustrates bond between form and landscape

Non program pavilion

Constructed in the South of Spain in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, the “Non Program Pavilion” by the Spanish practice Jesus Torres Garcia Architectes is a compact exhibition area which is encircled by an amazing landscape. Derived from the late Niemeyer’s approach to design, the pavilion illustrates the relationship between the structure and landscape, and its connection the land. The Non program pavilion simply responds to the question “how to build in natural landscape?”

Featuring a gentle curving design to go well with the natural contours of the land, the pavilion gets support from an anvil-like foundation that reduces the impact on the ground by entrenching itself into the ground in a single point. The basic structure of the pavilion doesn’t interfere with the innate landscape; instead it is visualized as an extension of the natural environment.  Integrating a huge glass facade that reflects the surroundings, the concrete wall and roof system of the pavilion employs the thermal mass heating, together with the reflective window panels which controls the solar energy.

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