Scuddy electric scooter folds into a trolley for easy transport

Scuddy electric folding scooter_05

Looking like a Segway, the Scuddy is an electric scooter that transforms itself to go hand-in-hand with modern infrastructure, while allowing a quick, safe and sustainable mode of transport to move across cramped city roads. Essentially a stand-up scooter that folds for transport, the Scuddy offers two folding options, which make is highly portable as well as flexible. Users can either fold up it into a trolley to pull it on its wheels or wrap it into a small box-like package for easy transportation.

Featuring a carving chassis moving on two 12.5 inch tilting front wheels and a 10 inch rear wheel with suspension, the German-built electric scooter uses two horsepower motor to move up to 25 miles (40 km) at the top speeds of 21.7 mph (35 km/h) on a single charge of about four hours. The rechargeable battery also provides one additional hour roll with an optional quick charger, while the regenerative braking system charges battery while moving across the streets.

Integrating front disc brakes, rear drum brakes and LED headlight and taillight, the electric scooter can be ridden in both sitting and standing positions. Available in two versions, i.e. City version with the 12.4 mph (20 km/h) top speed and Sports version with the top speed of 21.7 mph for €2,999 (US$4,000 and €3,499 ($4,690) respectively, the Scuddy is a  lightweight, compact, zero-emissions mode of transportation for urbanities.


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