Cardboard Iron Man suits bind eco friendly souls with Iron Man movie

Cardboard Iron Man suits_01

You may have seen some of the most creative chairs, tables and bikes made using cardboard in the past, but the latest cardboard creations uploaded by Reddit user royal_dump are sure to amaze you with their inspirational design. The creative Redditor has come up with a number of unique Iron Man suits, i.e. Mk VI (Iron Man 2), Deep Space Suit (a Toy/Iron Man 3 Rumor) and Mk VIII (Iron Man 3), which he has made entirely from cardboard.

Featuring minute details, the cardboard Iron Man suits not only look as good as their metal versions but also help in sustaining the environment. Though the cardboard Iron Man suits are not as robust as metal suits to protect the user against a lethal assault, but they surely are good enough to bind any eco friendly soul with Iron man movie “Triology.”

Cardboard Iron Man suits

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