Recycled electronic waste finds new life in R³bots

robot by Marco Fernandes_03

Recycling is lucrative for the creative artists across the globe.  They usually come up with various imaginations – some of them merely pieces of art while many are the functioning ones.  Here is just another embodiment of the same coming from the Portuguese creative genius, Marco Fernandes who just used the recycled electronic parts to shape robots.

The waste electronic parts that are otherwise discarded and left to rot are used beautifully to form the robots, dubbed R³bots (pronounced “are-cube-bots”). The waste material used includes old DVD players, stereos, computers toys and numerous parts from other electronic products.

Apart from being eco friendly, R³bots aren’t just the pieces of art but they have some parts that function including LED eyes that are hooked up with battery together with the several points of articulation. The R³bots size varies between 3.5-inches to 7.5-inches height and each piece is built unique with displays made from jars, boxes, hard drives etc.

Being an eco friendly soul and lover of recycled art, you would surely like to own any of the R³bots but this desire may cost you little more than you expect as you need to shell anything between 450 Euros and 500 Euros. In the other case, if you are imaginative and creative enough, you can pursue building one for yourself since electronic waste is available in plenty.

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